Response to the suspicion about the Mayor

Why—– is the question that needs to be asked and clearly answered before accusing someone of wanting to decimate a city budget or in response to the suspicion about the Mayor’s  designs on public resourses.

What is in it for him or what is the payoff down the line?  Since one always should “follow the money” in any proposed endeavor that doesn’t pass the smell test or where obvious corruption has presented in the past or seems part of a person’s ongoing baggage they haul around with them; that is step number one.

Finding out the answer to that question or questions will lead you to the right path to find out whether a plan or “discussion” should be advanced, supported, eagerly agreed to or squashed as soon as feasible.

That any one elected official would desire to leave their charges and position worse for the wear by trying to stop income seems odd to me.  But if their desire is to completely upend the social contract that citizens have with their government;———– namely: you protect me (armies, militias, or police forces)  from hostile invasion or violent, out of control folks,  or domestic terrorists, or mentally ill citizens; (hospitalize) and help restore them (treatment centers)  or contain them (jails);  provide a way for me to travel-(roads)  and conduct commerce, re-create myself so I can continue to work, help me educate my children (public schools) so they can learn a trade or skill to maintain themselves and have enough to help their destitute or sick or orphaned neighbors or family out, and my obligation is:  I will not become a burden by becoming corrupt, lazy, or refuse to work unless disabled and also pay you enough taxes to help do all this work for the whole of society———-well once this social agreement is out of balance; meaning one of two things or both:  society is so corrupt they won’t pay their fair tax, won’t work, are lazy, and government fails in  either collecting too much or —NOT —-collecting enough taxes, (like a few gallons of paint and assigning the staff cut in half who maintains our parks and buildings thereon to get that work done!!!) failure to spend them wisely on behalf of others, (like the last 10 years or more with no work to maintain our parks!!!) or is too corrupt or lazy they want to divert the public purse to their own use, will, outcomes or for whatever improper reason one can think of————well, like I said, ALWAYS follow the money.

Since this man has a thriving business,  I assume,   with doing eye work for lots of older people in this community; one would assume he doesn’t need the money himself, or what??????   Answer the question and then you know the motive folks.